Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Start

Welcome on my 302 Clevor blog,

This blog will dedicated to the build of my 1970 Mustang Fastback ( Sportsroof ) that I build to be a plain jane sleeper car. Here you can read my motivations and reasons for the choices I made to make it the way it is ( and will become ).

First my introduction,
My name is Niels Klompen, I live in Roggel, a small town in the southern region of the Netherlands.
I work as a service technician 
I will write this blog in English so more people can read it, but I must apologize that my English is not perfect because it is not my first language.

From my childhood I had always the desire to own a classic Mustang. In 2009 I bought my first, a 1970 Mach1 Mustang from Geevers Classic Cars in Asten. A very nice and original mustang... but there was one problem. It was to good... to good to modify, to original to change and to rare to make it in to something special. That gave my the idea to build my own so the search started for a 1970 Mustang Fastback with less options for my build.

My first Mustang the Mach1 in 2009
More pictures of this beauty in the Mach1 link.

My second Mustang, the Plain Jane Sleeper
This Blog is dedicated to the build,
the choice and the motivation of building this old skool muscle car

Thanks for visiting this blog and hope to see you soon.

Please contact me if you need extra info, PDF's of the articles, or my opinion haha :)
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  1. Niels,

    Both cars look fantastic! Looking forward to following your build on the sleeper!

    Also, I could not find a "subscribe" link to your blog. I'd like to show it as a blog I follow on my blog as well. I'll figure that one out!


    1. Yo, thanks !
      I see you managed to subscribe ?
      Thanks and keep in touch


  2. Niels, I just found your blog through Sven. Nice sportroof! I'll be following your progress as well. Interesting documentation posts also. Feel free to check out my blog on my 1968 Fastback Resurrection.


  3. Thanks for you comment ! I will be checking your blog aswell.
    Cool to see there are interested people for my build. Many thanks,


  4. Great clevor resource, thanks for gathering all of this info in one place. I have a set of 351C 4V heads and a Boss 302 tunnel ram that I had EFI injector bungs added to. Hoping to build a stroker Clevor once I get all of the parts collected. Pics of the TR base are here: with some possible designs for the upper plenum here:

    Best Regards,


  5. Hey Shawn,
    Thanks for your heads up man, much appreciated !
    It took me a serious while to gather the info my self and it kind off frustrated me that there wasn't a lot for hand on the net. While searching I tried got the idea to put it in one place.

    I'm still looking and interesting in new ways to build a clevor, new doc's and PDF or pictures of other 302 based clevors.

    Your tunnel cams looks killer! That would make some serious noise I can tell you that. What kind of RPM's are you planning to race and what kind of HP / Torq are you expecting. Remember, mine is for street use.

    Thanks again and please subscribe !


  6. This is for mostly a street car. I'm hoping the larger displacement (347 or 363) and EFI will make it manageable on the street.

  7. So! A 4V for street use!? Please keep me informed on that project of yours. If you are further in your engine build, give me a link and I place one on my blog if you would like that.
    Your links show some serious building, I like that.

    Keep us posted


  8. My thinking is that 4V works for an original Boss 302 on a street car. Add a light Mustang II body (not as much torque required to get it moving), EFI (fatter torque low and midrange), more displacement (more torque) and a custom profile hydraulic roller cam to tie it all together and that should make everything more useable and not quite so "peaky" with regards to RPM.

    Decent headers that don't cost a fortune going to be the tough part. I should be able to take a preliminary look at that in the next couple of weeks.

  9. Yes, absolutely right Shawn. One part to remember is that the streets in Holland are a little different then USA and Australia ;)

    I would be a nice / good / interesting thing to cast a rubber / poly Clevor dubby as a header of clearance checker. Would come very handy and helpfull don't you think ?

  10. What is a "dubby"? I couldn't find a reference on the 'net that seemed relevant.

    I have some magazine articles that you may want to add to your collection. What is the best way to send them to you?

  11. hmmm odd, some kind of out edit took place.
    I mean dummy. A rubber full size engine to test fit the headers
    If you want, you can mail them to me:
    I'm always looking for more info to put on the blog so thats very welcome !


  12. Hey Buddy!!! Nice blog! You write Hartstikke good. I did enjoy reading it.
    Thanks !! ~~#>B-)

  13. Yo Janthaman ! Its fijn to read you like to read the crap I write. I enjoy the fact that you enjoy it Jan :D
    Greetings for ut prachtige Roggel

  14. Hey have a 70 boss mustang with the 302 boss motor won't to build it for street but won't great horsepower out of it 704 467 3510 thanks everybody says the boss head's junk let me know if you can give me anything that will help with the build thanks